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Delivery to Kyrgyzstan

Starting December 1, 2019, it will be possible to send one parcel per month to Kyrgyzstan without payment of import duty with a maximum value of $200.Air: $8.80/kg + $25  Estimated Delivery Time:  by air 7-14 business days; Maximum customs value without import duty..
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Delivery to Moldova

Delivery to MoldovaAir:                                        $6/kg + $8,50Small packages:Kishinev                           ..
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Delivery to Kazakhstan

Delivery to KazakhstanStarting January 1, 2020, parcels up to 200 euros per recipient can be sent to Kazakhstan without payment of import duty (without limiting the number of parcels per month per recipient). Delivery to the branch: by air - $9.95/kg + 10 per box Courier delivery..
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Delivery to Georgia

Delivery to GeorgiaDelivery to the branch:$7/kg + $2 deliveryCourier delivery:$7/kg + $5 deliveryEstimated Delivery Time: by air 5-10 days. Maximum customs value without import duty - 300 Lari;Maximum weight of a parcel - 66 lbs (30kg);Any measurement of a box cannot exceed ..
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Delivery to Russia

Delivery to RussiaStarting January 1, 2020, it is permitted to forward parcels to Russia if the weight of one  parcel does not exceed 31 kg and the cost of goods does not exceed 200 euros. Cost and weight restrictions for one recipient per month have been lifted. If there ar..
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Delivery to Ukraine

Delivery to Ukraine Meest-ExpressPrice by air - delivery to Meest-Express branch or Privatbank lockers - $6.25/kg. Home delivery (all regions) - $6.95/kg. Minimum price by air - $5.90 (up to 0.5 kg)Estimated delivery time by air 6..
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